E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste Recycling

As the use of technology grows, so too does the volume of electronic waste, also known as e-waste. In fact, discarded electrical devices and appliances are among one of the largest pollution sources on Earth. From India to the United States and everywhere in between, e-waste accumulation is creating both environmental and human health concerns on an unprecedented scale.

It is estimated that 41.8 million tons of e-waste is produced every year. The end result of this waste usually means more plastic in the oceans, more toxic metals leaching into our water and soil, and more and more landfills designed to contain these often-dangerous sources of pollution. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this type of pollution is the vast majority of e-waste is 100% recyclable! However, the number of e-waste recycling centers throughout the world and especially in the United States has still not caught up to meet the 82,000,000,000 pounds of e-waste produced on a yearly basis.

Here are some interesting stats on e-waste accumulation that might help you reconsider throwing out that broken cell phone.

The EPA estimates that only one million tons of the 11.7 million tons of e-waste generated in the USA is recycled.

Between 15-20% of e-waste ends up getting recycled on a global scale.

80% of e-waste is exported to other countries, specifically in Asian, and the amount of e-waste growth is expected to see an 8% increase year over year.

Environmentally Friendly E-waste Recycling Near You!

Gone for Good offers an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of computers, cell phones, printers, servers, TVs, audio equipment, household appliances, and more. If it comes with batteries or a plug, it’s probably on our list of accepted media. We dismantle, sort, and divert the raw materials, so they can be used in the manufacture of new products and we do it all in a way that helps protect the environment and by default, your health.

However, when you use Gone for Good for your e-waste recycling needs you’re doing more then just helping to protect the environment and communities you live in from pollution but you’ll also help with creating jobs and meaningful employment adults with physical and mental disabilities!

Electronics We Accept

  • Computers and Electronics
  • Cell Phones
  • Communications Equipment
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Flat Screen Monitors
  • DVD and VCR Players
  • Miscellaneous electronics
  • PDAs or Handheld games
  • Printers
  • Servers, Routers or hubs
  • Audio Components
  • Flat Screen Televisions (we do not accept tubed TVs)

Call 205.943.5252 with any questions regarding other appliances or E-Waste we accept.

How Our Services Work

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    Schedule your service for pick up or drop off

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    We collect your confidential information and securely destroy it.

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    Receive a Certification of Destruction

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